Monday, February 23, 2009

4,500 People Waiting In Line For Government Housing

People Walking Past Homeless Man On City Street

I stopped by our Guidance Office today and noticed the television had a news alert running across the screen. It said, "Chaos in FORT LAUDERDALE people seeking government housing." There were 3,000 available applications for Section 8 housing, a federal program that provides rent subsidies to landlords to help low-income people find affordable housing. The application process shut down early and the police were called when the crowd "grew unruly".

So this is what we've come to.

Darryl was supposed to hear today about a second interview. This was with that company he interviewed with last week. The original interview hadn't gone as well as I had hoped. Still I was kind of hoping the man he interviewed with was being honest when he said he was going to set Darryl up with a second interview. Darryl was told he would hear back by Friday or today. I had hoped it would be last Friday. When he hadn't heard back I felt well I guess he's not getting the job. Then he reminded me the guy said, maybe Monday. So I pinned my hopes on Monday. No second interview materialized.

He also heard back from a company where we thought Darryl would be a good fit. Turns out they let him know they would not be hiring anyone for that position due to the economy.

I know I needed one more observations for school and wouldn't you know it that happened today. Of course I had lots of things go wrong. It started out with my overhead projector not working and requiring me to climb on a desk to reach it and ended with a student turning back to look at my boss and asking me outloud "When's she leaving?" Great just great. I wonder how that observation will go.

I was glad to get home. Glad to sit down, have a cupcake, and watch Dallas. Who knew I'd get so into that? Oh we just found out who shot JR. I can't say who did it right now.

After Dallas it's time to enter contests. Entering contests help me detox and release some stress. Here are some of the blog contests I've entered:

Prize: The Learning Tower from Little Partners (ARV $200).

Prize: The Learning Tower from Little Partners (ARV $200).

Prize: Bikini Kitchen Gift Basket which consists of Booty Butter Tanning Lotion, t-shirt, beach tote and more.

Prize: Two High School Musical 3: Senior Year Extended Edition DVDs.

Prize: Zenses Rainforest video game for Nintendo DS from The Game Factory

Prize: Pair of glasses from

I just noticed that I lost another follower. How very sad. I wish them well.

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