Friday, February 27, 2009

A Year Of Firsts


Dr. Evans had a meeting with the seniors this morning. I didn't know what the meeting was about and I thought it might be about the prom. I was very wrong. You see every year we recognize a Star student. This is the student who scored the highest on the SATs. That student then selects the Star Teacher. The teacher this student felt was most influential to her. Well this year, for the first time since Rome High School was in existence, our Star Student is an African American. Her name is Ms. Tereon Roden. Some of my students were walking on air. One said, "First a black President and now this." She was grinning from ear to ear.

Our Star Teacher is Dawn Faulkner. I love Mrs. Faulkner. Her mother used to teach with me and I loved her too. They are both amazing women. I'm so very happy for her.

Well I got my last evaluation. Despite all my fears it was a good one. No mention of me having to climb on top of a desk to turn on an overhead projector that wouldn't come on. I felt relieved.

It was also birthday cake day today. Every month at the end of the month Dr. Evans buys a birthday cake for all the birthdays that happened that month. The cakes are always so yummy. One day I'll have to ask where they buy it.

My little dog got shaved today. He always looks so handsome that way. I fell in love with a dog that I haven't met in person. I saw his story on the bulletin board at the vet and I just wanted to cry. The dog, named Slash, had been stabbed several times and his belly was slit open. Someone found the dog and brought him in to the vet. They saved his life and said he's just a loving gentle dog. Oh I just wanted to love that dog. I wanted to meet him and take him home. Darryl wasn't there because he's working late at the other house so there is no new dog.

I received and email today saying that I won the CD The Pickle Jar from carp(e) libris reviews.

Here are the blog contests I entered today.

Prizes (2): Airbud: Special Edition on DVD.

Prize: Laundry liquid, antibacterial spray cleaner and lemongrass soap from Ecostore USA.

Prize: Cotton Baby Sling in Zebra Twill Print from New Native, Inc.

Prize: Winner's choice of tutu or cape from Love September.

Prize: Scentchips burner of choice, 6 oz box of Scentchips in choice of scent and box of tea light candles

Win the Fairytale Truffles from Fairytale Brownies (ARV $24.95).

Prize: Copy of Cluck: Murder Most Fowl by Eric D. Knapp (ARV $15.99).

First Prize: One pound box of English Toffee Anytime toffee of choice.
Second Prize: One-half pound box of English Toffee Anytime toffee of choice.
Third Prizes (5): English Toffee Anytime Triple Taste-The-Toffee Sampler

Grand Prize: Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Pro fry pan.
Runner-Up Prize: $10 Savespro gift certificate.

Grand Prize: 101 Dalmatians 2-Disc Special Edition and Wall•E DVDs.
Runner-Up Prize: $10 Savespro gift certificate.

Prizes (2): Silver makeup bag, two bottles ROHTO eye drops, Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Sephora Lash and Brow Mascara, Scott Barnes Eye Ice Eyeshadow, and gel eye mask.

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