Monday, February 9, 2009

Nervous About Essay

New York City Revamps Its Marriage Bureau For 2009

The local Christian Radio Station, 104.7 The Fish is selecting 50 couples to renew their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day at Stone Mountain Park.

If we are selected,we would take part in a special wedding vow renewal ceremony at the base of Snow Mountain.

Every couple selected to attend will receive a copy of the movie Fireproof on DVD and will be able to enjoy music from our wedding singers John Waller and Jonny Diaz.
If we win we would attend a special reception following the ceremony where every couple will be registered to win prizes from Ideal Image, the Weekend to Remember Conference, and Jake’s House.

They are even having wedding cake for us and a photographer. There's even a special mini-concert from John Waller.

I thought the contest was over and I've been wondering if and when I will hear from them. Finally I relented and called the station. I pulled up their website to find their number and that's when I saw that the contest was still going on. I guess that's why I haven't heard from them. So I called to find out when they'd let people know. The lady at the station said she felt they would let people know by Friday. "Did you get a lot of response?" I asked. I figured they say maybe 50 people. Maybe a few more but I felt it would be right about 50. Turns out I'm very wrong. They've had about 500 entries AND they are reading each and every one of them trying to decide which couples deserve this prize. Now I'm very nervous that I won't be one of those people.

I have to write an essay contest entry tommorrow for another contest from that station.

I saw Trixie today. I said, "I'm just so sorry..." but before I could say anything to her she seemed upset. She almost seemed angry with me but I knew that wasn't it. The strain from burrying her father must be horrible. She wrote me later to apologize and I told her she didn't need to do that. I think she's an awsome person and I feel so badly that this happened to her.

Here are the blog contests I've entered.

Prize: Caligula: The Imperial Edition Blu-ray disc

Prize: He's Just Not That Into You soundtrack CD and hoodie.

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