Monday, February 23, 2009

Win One Dozen Cupcakes From Cupcakes Gourmet.

Smiling Little Boy Holding Birthday Cupcake

I think cupcakes should be the national dessert of America. I love cupcakes, especially the icing.

I found out about Cupcakes Gourmet from the blog contest on Busy Mom. Cupcakes Gourmet embodies the joyful and celebratory side of life. Cupcakes Gourmet uses natural ingredients of the highest quality, without harmful trans-fats. Careful attention is given to each gourmet ingredient to ensure that each flavor is dreamy, decadent, and divine. The bakery employs a back-to-basics approach with each gourmet cupcake being lovingly hand-made for your enjoyment.

Do you like cupcakes? Would you like them shipped to your house? Me too. Why not check out the Busy Mom Cupcakes Gourmet Contest. For the chance to win this great PRIZE: One dozen cupcakes from Cupcakes Gourmet.

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