Monday, February 16, 2009

A Trip To Sea World Blog Contest - Read More About It Here


Julia Roy and Izea is sponsoring a contest for a trip for FOUR to Sea World. Why do I want to take my family to Sea World and Ride the Manta? Well those are two separate questions really aren’t they?

First of all I haven’t been to Sea World in some ten years. I can still remember this trip and it’s one that the boys and I still have fond memories of. As a matter of fact we bought one of those Sea World picture frames and in that frame is a picture of us having the time of our lives at Sea World.

Since I’ve been there are so many more opportunities to interact with the residents of Sea World. There is the SeaWorld Orlando's Beluga Interaction Program. You can actually get close enough to touch and interact with Beluga whales. You will also learn about the habitats and lifestyles of these animals.

They’ve also started the SeaWorld Orlando's Sharks Deep Dive. Now I’m not one to dive into the water with sharks but you don’t have to worry because you’ll be protected in an authentic shark cage. You can see over 30 sharks of more than five species—some more than nine feet long and come in contact with sharks so close you can touch them.

I’m also interested in the SeaWorld Orlando's Marine Mammal Keeper Experience caring for dolphins, beluga whales and sea lions. Work side-by-side with marine mammal experts and understand what it’s like to care for these amazing animals during a day. For an animal lover like me this would be a dream come true.

When the boys and I went we loved the Journey to Atlantis ride. Actually it was love at first splash and they wanted to go on that ride a few times. Wouldn’t you know it, they have a brand new ride coming this year called the “Manta”.

If you are a coaster fan then I’m sure you will want to know the stats:

Manta Stats
• Type of coaster: Steel flying coaster
• Height: 140 feet
• First drop: 113 feet
• Top speed: 56 mph
• Track length: 3359 feet
• Ride time: 2:35 minutes
• Height requirement: 52 inches

When they board Manta, passengers will probably sit in seats facing forwards. Once the ride ops check the restraints, a mechanism will likely tilt the seats 90 degrees clockwise, and riders will leave the station facing the ground in "flying" mode--although their knees will be bent. As with most flying coasters, Manta will probably take longer to load and unload than conventional coasters. Unlike any other flying coasters, however, Manta will have a compelling and unique ray theme. Passengers will be placed four across in cars shaped like rays. The rays will have wingspans of 12 feet.

The first drop will swoop down 113 feet and reach a top speed of 56 mph. As it curves at the bottom of the hill, Manta will skim along a lagoon and its wings will create a plume of water spray that will be quite a sight for riders and onlookers (and might soak them as well). The ride will include four inversions that will send passengers twisting and turning before returning them to flying mode.
The park says that even coaster wimps who have no intention to ride will want to check out Manta's pre-ride queue. Viewing tanks, enhanced by waterfalls and other themeing, will offer underwater glimpses of a variety of rays as well as sea dragons, sea horses, and many other species of fish.

This would be a trip of a Lifetime for us because my son will be leaving for Iraq soon and I would love to be able to take him on one more trip before he goes.

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