Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Logo Game

logo game

As part of the Business Plan project the kids have to do at the end of the year, they have to create a logo for their company.

My first year I simply listed it as a requirement making the huge mistake that one should never make in education. That mistake is that the kids know what something is. Who could blame me for thinking that? Look at your typical teenager and they are a walking billboard for logos. I had even said "You know like the Nike Woosh." They nodded and acted as if they knew what I was talking about. Then they asked over and over, "What does this mean?" as they pointed to the word logo.

I didn't make that mistake again. I found a cool game online and that's how we covered logos before they had to make one. Now when they do the assignment they don't ask me what I mean by LOGO. Here is the game if you'd like to play. How well you know the every day logos?

Why not play all five versions and no fair peeking. You should have seen how much fun the kids had as they shouted out answers and how disappointed they were when they got one wrong. It was too funny.

This next link is one that surprised me. They had to select the right logo for various websites. You would think they would recognizes facebook and myspace but they got it wrong in both classes. How observant are you?

When I got home I checked my email and found this email:

Your number was chosen as the winner of the one-year subscription to Mother Earth News

More good news on the contest front. I won Copy of American Rust by Philipp Meyer and a Davidson Chocolate Company Sampler. My Meerkat Manor DVD came today also.

We are still Watching an episode or two of Dallas every night. Tonight's show involved Lucy getting married. This was supposed to be a widely watched episode.

I am interested in one of those blog contests for a pair of glasses. That would be great. Below you will find the blog contests I entered:

Prize: Pair of eyeglasses [excluding sunglasses and designer frames] (ARV up to $100).

Prize: Playlist CD.

Prize: Pair of eyeglasses [excluding sunglasses and designer frames] (ARV up to $100).

Prize: Pair of glasses from

good luck

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