Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Economy Driven Murder-Suicide

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BELLE VALLEY, Ohio — A man who told a sheriff's dispatcher he had money problems strangled his wife and 11-year-old son, then shot and killed himself, authorities said Wednesday.

Theodore Bayly, 39, called the dispatcher around 2 a.m., saying he had already killed his family and was going to take care of himself, Noble County Sheriff Landon Smith said.

Bayly told the dispatcher in a seven-minute call that he was having financial problems and "couldn't afford it anymore," Smith said. He told the dispatcher where to find the bodies and then hung up.

Authorities found Bayly's body on an embankment about 35 feet from the family's mobile home near Belle Valley, about 75 miles east of Columbus. He had a shotgun wound to the head, Smith said.

Bayly's wife, Janice Bayly, 40, was found inside the home, and their son, Colton, was in the back seat of a vehicle, Smith said.

The boy appeared to have been placed in the car after being killed, Smith said. A coroner determined the mother and son had been strangled, and Smith told the Columbus Dispatch that an electrical cord had been used.

He said he didn't have details about the family's financial situation.

Darryl heard from another company he applied where he applied and was told they were going with another applicant. Last week another company said that they decided that they weren't going to fill a position.

I'm kind of putting all my hope on this interview he might have coming up.

As far as school goes there are two more casualties as far as jobs. I don't post positions or names but one will be leaving due to retirement and that's not so bad. I will miss that teacher.

On the positive front I heard about the Fish 104.7 FM contest we entered. They had a contest for budget Romeo. This was an essay contest and I thought I did pretty well. The prize was a mountain cabin getaway. We didn't win. Still they took the time to send us a hand written card and send us a book called "The Love List" even though there was no mention of a runner up prize.

The really exciting news is that I won an iPod Touch! I've been wanting a nice iPod for awhile. I know what Darryl will say. Sell it. I won't though. I just can't believe it I'm just so very excited. I won this from a blog contest.

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