Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Valentine's Day

Couple Cleaning Dining Room

I really want to tell you about what a wonderful Valentine's Day I had. I didn't have a chance to write yesterday because it was so busy and we got home very late. I hope to write about that tommorrow.

Today has been pretty busy too. Lots of housework to catch up with and we had someone come look at the house. The other buyer didn't work out. The people that came by today didn't seem too interested. They came in, looked around and were gone in about ten minutes.

Darryl and I watched a movie called PS I Love You. It was a romantic movie about a love that continued after death. It's also about getting your life back after tragedy.

We received an invitation to a Mardi Gras party from one of our neighbors. I have to let them know if we are going by this Friday.

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