Friday, January 23, 2009

The Big Meeting


We really didn't know what was going to happen at the meeting. Honestly, in the back of my mind I thought about a movie I'd seen when I was in the seventh grade. Back then we were learning about short stories and the teacher had us watch an episode of the Twighlight Zone called the Lottery. If you never read the short story or saw the movie the town all shows up and draws a lot. The "winner" is the one that is selected to be the sacrificial victim. The townsfolk believe that a human sacrifice must happen in order for crops to grow. The woman who is the selected victim begs for her life, looks at those around her, and then her friends and family begin to stone her to death.

I thought of that movie because if the school were to lay off people do you feel glad that it's not you? Is it OK to feel relieved that someone else was the victim? I raced to school this morning so I could hear what was going to happen.

As it stands right now there will be no teacher layoffs. We will have to watch and see what's going to happen because some people wonder if we will lose our planning period. If that happened I would lose the extra money I get because I don't have that planning period. He made no mention of it.

When the meeting was over I spoke with several people and we all agreed, if we were told to clean toilets to keep our jobs, then college degrees and all, we'd be on our hands and knees scrubbing toilets. There are several teachers, who like me, have a spouse who has recently lost their job. I am thankful that Rome City Schools has had the forsight to put away money for difficult times like this.

As far as Darryl's job search is concerned, there's nothing new on the horizon. No interviews. Some recruiters offering to help him look but he's become suspicious of them. Turns out some of these people just take your resume and blanket every ad, often duplicating applications that you've made and if you get one of those jobs then they want to be be paid.

I got my affy signed and will be sending it out tommorrow. It might be nice to go out to a meet and greet. Hey I'll at least get a nice meal out of it. I've also heard the UGA coach is a nice guy.

Here are the blog contests I entered today.

Prize: 3-month free trial of Weight Watchers Momentum program online or in person

Prize: Gift certificate redeemable for The Natural pizza from Pizza Hut.

Prizes (2): Space Buddies DVD and plush toy.

Prizes (7): Copy of Campbell's Slow Cooker Recipes cookbook.

Prizes (5): Love Boat Season 2 DVD.

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