Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letting The Words Spill Out

I've been working on essays for the past couple of days. I've won a few essay contests but they take up so much time I can see why some people avoid them. At first I take a look at how the essay is judged. The next thing I do is read the topic of the essay several times. Then I just start throwing words on a page. I check the word count and read what I wrote again. I read the topic once more and then read my essay again editing often. The final thing I do is read my essay out loud. Perhaps I should do that with my blog more. You'd be surprised how different your essay can sound when it's spoken out loud. If it doesn't sound natural when it's read out loud it can't possibly win.

I entered one essay about "What's so special about the person you love. The prize is a Princess cut 1 carat diamond bridal set. That one took me about a half an hour to write. Well about that, but I was also distracted by one of the movies we were watching, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was pretty funny and I thought the resort where it was filmed was beautiful.

I also entered a contest to try to win a day at a local spa and choice of local family activity. That essay was about describing your family’s favorite group activity

Not much in the way of blog contests today but I have a feeling that will change soon when the bloggy carnival comes in about a week.

It's time to watch Dallas. Still hard to believe I never watched a single episode before.

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