Friday, January 9, 2009

Resaca man arrested for murder

Police officer searching man

Since the press now carries an account that contains the identity of the victim, I will not blank it out as I did before. As always, the death of any individual is a loss for us all. My student was out today and this is an especially hard thing for his family to deal with. I heard that this young person had lost a much younger brother years ago in a house fire. I just couldn't imagine losing my own child, how tragic. I heard that my student lost his father unexpectedly years ago, not sure when. This brother was a step-brother and I heard my student's step-father had lost his first wife. A lot of pain and tragedy has been visited upon this family and I just think it's so sad. It humbles me when I think of all those "BIG THINGS" that weigh heavy on me when the scope of what I face is infinitesimal in the presence of such tragedy.

Someone commented that they knew the mother and how really nice she is. One of the other faculty members knows the family and has told us all the same thing, that this is such a nice family. I really don't know the family. This young man is new to my class and seems to be a pretty laid back, easy going, young man. I will work with helping him catch up when he returns to class. My prayers go out to all whose lives were touched by this young person left this earth way too soon.


Police identify body found behind Kmart as David Lee Esslinger

Police have arrested a Resaca man and charged him with the murder of a Calhoun man whose body was discovered Wednesday afternoon.

Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss said a late night altercation that turned deadly led to the death of David Lee Esslinger, 19, of 115 Willow Court lot 5, Calhoun, whose body was found Wednesday behind the Kmart store. Police on Thursday identified Esslinger as the victim. Daniel Kemp, 17, of 727 Midway Road , Resaca, was arrested at approximately 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning, after being interviewed by detectives and agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Kemp is in Gordon County Jail charged with one count of murder.

According to Calhoun Police: Officers were called to the Kmart parking lot around 3:00 p.m. Wednesday after a passerby spotted a body lying in the wood line behind Kmart. Upon arrival officers discovered the partially clothed body of a young male with no identification.

While processing the crime scene, detectives discovered evidence of a struggle and determined that an altercation between the victim, and the suspect began in the roadway where the victim was assaulted and then carried into the wood line.

Esslinger’s body was sent to the GBI crime lab in Atlanta for investigation and identification. That process typically takes several days. Calhoun Police treated the death as a homicide from the beginning, said Lt. Tony Pyle. “Anything that seems like it’s not a natural death is initially treated as a homicide,” Pyle said. A cause of death was not announced, and Calhoun Police are waiting from results from the GBI. Kemp remains in the Gordon County Jail with further charges pending

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bubba king said...

hey mrs. c this is ur student thx fer posting this but just a lil tid bit my dad is alive i didnt lose him they divorced so did my stepdad and his wife also my other brother died when his housed burned down he was 33 just though u might like to know sorry if i misconvienienced u in any way