Thursday, January 29, 2009


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What a busy day. First things first. The school board actually sent over their head guy to look at my outlet. Technology and the electricians are going to work at getting it fixed. I'm thrilled. An added bonus was that I finally had my bulletin board hung up. It took seven years to finally get them to hang it but they did and I'm just thrilled.

I'm not feeling especially well tonight. They are painting the walls at the school and it's making me sick. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

On the positive side, and I do need a positive side after today, the past two days have brought back former students of mine. Three different girls stopped by to see me and it was interesting to say the least. One of them, an itty bitty girl who was pregnant the year I taught her, stopped by school to pick up one of her relatives. The funny thing was that I just thought about her about three days ago. I thought that was interesting because it reminded me of that test I did with the Secret, think about someone and the Universe will conspire to bring you news about that person. I had simply wondered about how she was doing and there she was, three days later. Turns out she now has three kids and is a CNA. I told her I was very proud of her. She told me that she missed my class and that when she sees the show Ellen she thinks of me. "Why?" I asked. Well you're both silly.

Another former student came by yesterday to pick up one of her relatives and she ran up to me, "Ms Cope, Ms. Cope, do you remember me?" Of course I did. Turns out she's married now and living in Texas. Her husband is in the military. She's up her visiting for a few weeks and her husband is stationed in Iraq right now.

Yet another former student was picking up a former student and she held her arms out and said "Ms Cope. Hey girl" I hugged her and she told me that she finished a semester at West Georgia University but took some time off because her mother is having health problems.

It was so great to see former students and know that I made a difference to them. What didn't make me happy today was one kid giving me crap about taking up his phone. The rule is no phone yet they all feel they must have their ipod and or their phone out constantly. He wanted to argue with me about the school policy. Another student told her parent an untruth because she was upset at me because I got after her for not paying attention in class. Her parent called my principal and he emailed me and told me to call the mother. I hate that. I just hate it. I did try to call the mother several times but was unable to get in touch with her. I gave the girl my number and told her to give it to her mother.

We're still watching two episodes of Dallas a night. Who would have thought I would learn a word by watching the show.


Cuss"ed*ness\, n. [Cussed (for cursed) + -ness.] Disposition to willful wrongdoing; malignity; perversity; cantankerousness; obstinacy. [Slang or Colloq., U. S.]

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