Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lots of Flooding in Floyd County

Tornado near house in desert

Tuesday's deluge dumped more than 5 inches of rain on Rome. More than 21 county roads were closed Tuesday. Rome’s rivers were also surging near
flood stage Tuesday night. The Oostanaula River at Turner McCall Boulevard had risen about 10 feet during the day, reaching the 23.82-foot mark. Flood stage is 25 feet. The Etowah River at the Rome bypass was at 29.69 feet at 10 p.m. Flood stage is 32 feet. 911 dispatchers reported a tornado had been spotted on Black’s Bluff Road near Lock & Dam Park and another in Coosa, where gusts of straight-line winds were reported yesterday.

No problems today though. The day started out wet but warm and the temperature continued to drop all day. Big news in Fayette County (which is out near Lake Lanier) is facing cutbacks so they are asking teachers to give up a 2% pay raise so they won't have to lay off employees. Employees have to vote for that but I doubt they will. I believe I would give up the raise, even though I could obviously use that raise right now because Darryl was laid off. I would hate to think my raise would prevent others from keeping their job. I wasn't sure where Fayette County was until I saw the news story on the news and I was shocked. I'd actually been there. I had to go there a few years ago as part of a certification program thing. I recognized their school board right away.

I was just so thrilled. Someone actually checked out Thrifty Maven and even left two comments. God Bless you because I truly wanted to cry. I feel like I'm working so hard on that to develop it and no one has checked it out. Then bam two comments. I wanted to leap out of my seat and dance around the room.

I entered some more blog sweeps. I'm still waiting for my first win for this year.

Prizes (3): Strappys decorative bra strap.

Prize: Box of 30 personalized My Fruit Roll-ups.

Prizes (2): Contract Killers DVD.

Prize: SHI SHU BABY blanket

Prize: $20 Fandango gift certificate

Prize: Duo earrings from Twisted Silver

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