Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today Was A Historic Day

Obama sworn in as 44th President in Washington

All day I had the classroom TV on playing in the background as the kids barely worked on their assignment. Who could blame them? In their short lives they've witnsssed so much. Terrorist attacks in America and an African American President. History was in the making and I didn't get after them at all if they stopped working and watched as the day unfurled.

Having grown up in DC it's a little different for me. I watch the newscast and remember walking past this building or that building on my way to work. The mall area where I once used to push my babies in their stroller was filled with a few million people. I saw scenes of the reflecting pool and the throngs of people reminded me of the day when I was very young and I looked for my Dad in the crowds of people watching Martin Luther King Speak. For me it's always a homecoming when I see DC on TV or in a movie.

During my fourth period class we stopped our work to watch the ceremony. It's a new day, a new page in our history. After the dignitaries began leaving the inauguration and the commentary began, you could hear Juan William's voice begin to crack. This was dream that countless African Americans have had, that one day the President of the United States would come from their community.

Regardless how we voted, whether for or against the new administration, we should all keep our new President in our prayers because he is our new President. I have never walked lockstep for or against a new president. Heck I love my husband and my kids but I don't always agree with the choices they make. I will not always agree with the actions of any American but we should all be given a chance without having dispersions cast upon us.

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