Friday, January 16, 2009

It's A Three Day Weekend

Female couple sitting on couch at home

These past few days have been incredibly cold. The thermometer in Rome remained below freezing throughout the day. I've had to bundle up because my classroom felt so cold. I am looking forward to taking a few days to regroup.

I am so excited about my first blog contest. Actually it's a two fold contest. one contest on and the other one here. The pressure is really on now. I have to make sure I continue to work on content that others would actually be interested in reading.

Yesterday a miracle happened when a plane was forced to land in the Hudson Bay and everyone survived. It was absolutely AMAZING. The jet hit geese and lost power minutes after takeoff from La Guardia and all 155 people aboard were rescued. The crash took place on a 20-degree day, one of the coldest of the season - with the water temperature 36 degrees, a Coast Guard official said.

Here are the bog contest I entered.

Prize: Vintage Glam Apron.

Win a set of 16 Love Doggy Valentines with envelopes.

To celebrate the future "First Dog," DogTipper is giving away one "first puppy" t-shirt (XL). To enter, complete the online form with your advice to the Obama family about selecting a puppy for the White House

One Personalized Box of Fruit Roll-Ups

10 winners will receive 10 coupons for free Clorox bleach. Each coupon has a value of $2.19, which is a value of $21.90 per winner

Free notecards with scenic photographs of Southern and Eastern Kentucky! The photos capture not only the Appalachian topography but also the region's culture. These beautiful notecards will make you want to take a weekend getaway to see rural Americana.

Prize: $50 Tiny Prints gift certificate.

Prize: BeBe Au Lait nursing cover

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