Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Students Started Back

Rainy Road

to school today. Lots of my classes lost kids and added new ones.

The day started out pretty sad. It was raining. That type of rain that is coming down in blinding sheets. Since I didn't have my car I had to get Darryl to drive me to Publix for Kim to drive me to work. On our way there we had to come to a complete stop when we noticed the flashing blue police lights that were on the road up ahead of us. After sitting there for fifteen minutes or so they finally got traffic moving in a single lane. The sad thing was that someone had obviously flipped their truck several times and it lay resting on it's roof taking up the other lane. From the looks of it this accident was a fatality.

The streams were all flooded and I was glad I wasn't driving because I could scarcely see. Kim tried to get us there on time but that didn't work. We got to school just as the pledge was being said.

I had a guest speaker today so the day went pretty smoothly. The high point of the day was when Mike bought me lunch. I'll tell you what, it makes a girl feel real special when a good looking man brings you lunch even if that man is your son. This is the first time he ever bought me lunch.

Kim couldn't drive me home because she had to attend a meeting so Darryl had to come to pick me up. When we were on our way home, Darryl received a phone call saying my car was ready. Yippee. I'm mobile again. It's hard to believe I didn't drive for so many years. I feel trapped now when I can't drive.

Here are the blog contests I entered.

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