Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Different Kinds of Blogs

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Darryl and I went to the library today to return the videos we checked out last week and get new ones for this week. Here's something that might amazing some people. I have never watched one episode of Dallas. It's not like I wasn't alive when it was one of the most popular shows or even that I was too young. It's not like I wasn't aware that people were caught up in the mystery of Who Shot JR? I guess I was too busy living the soap opera that was my life and I didn't have time to watch a TV soap opera. So today I picked up a Dallas First and Second Season DVD. Oh and before you ask, no I've never watched Dynasty either.

We picked out some books while we were there and one of them was a book about Blogs. The author said there were basically two kinds of blogs, the diary blog, and the other was the linked blog. My Thrifty Maven blog would be an example of a linked blog. I find products, coupons, or sales and I link my blog to a site with more information about the subject of my blog. For example, tomorrow I will carry an article about where you can get free Valentine's Day cards, free coffee, and some free food. This site is a diary blog. When you think about it, you wonder what makes people interested in a blog? Why does someone visit a diary site? What makes a diary site successful. The book suggests your excitement but could that really attract readers? I wish I was smart enough to know the answer.

This morning I entered several snail mail contests from Budweiser. I've been so very busy that I've put my snail mail sweeps on the back burner.

Well I finally set about to do some of my essay contests that I've been wanting to enter. I entered an essay contest where the prize is Dinner for two adults 18+ at a local restaurant and round trip limousine service. You could either submit a video or essay explaining why you deserve a chance to win the Ultimate Valentine's day date. I chose to write an essay.

I also entered an essay to win a : 3-day/2-night trip for two adults 21+ to Paris, France; includes $750 cash per day spending money. That one required an essay that explains why you need help from Ms. Green to heat up your romance this Valentine's Day.

I discovered a site today called The Giving Tree Project It reminded me of how I used to keep a gratitude journal. Each and every day I would try to find something about the day that I could be grateful for. Sometimes I really had to dig deeply for it but you would be amazed at what an effect it had on my life. I stopped keeping one about a year ago after I moved here. Funny isn't it? Here is am in what I feel is my dream house, the one I will soon be losing, and yet I wasn't keeping a gratitude journal. I would get up some mornings and take pictures of the view from my window and sometimes say a silent prayer that I was living a life I never thought I would be living. Now I seem focused on all that I am losing instead of all that I have. Darryl even got after me and told me I should start keeping a gratitude journal again. He even said he'd be OK if I stopped trying to build my Thrifty Maven site if I needed the time.

What blog contests did I enter?

Prize: 3 pound 7 ounce Snow's BBQ brisket

Prize: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipettes DVD

Win a $119 Wine Gift Basket for Valentine's Day from

Prizes (2): Oliver & Company: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD

Prizes (2): Space Buddies DVD & plush toy.

Prizes (3): Thomas & Friends: Railway Friends DVD.

Prizes (5): Escape To Chimp Eden: Season One DVD.

Prizes (5): Meerkat Manor Season 4 DVD.

Prizes (5): Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht: Season 3 DVD

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