Thursday, January 22, 2009

George Anthony Attempts Suicide

George Anthony, tried to commit suicide today. He went missing this morning, after he left for an interview. The family had not heard from him all day and when George failed to show up for a meeting and for dinner, George and Cindy's lawyer called 911 to report him missing. Cindy had noticed that a picture of George, Cindy, Casey, and a picture of Caylee were missing, along with prescription medication. George had also started sending the family disturbing text messages, stating that he did not want to live anymore and he wanted to be with Caylee. To make sure that Caylee was in God's arms. He also told them that he just wanted to be alone.

Police were able to track George through cell phone pings and GPS to the Hawaii Motel in Daytona. Police found medication and a 12 pack of Miller Lite in the room. There were only four remaining bottles of beer left in the fridge. There was also a small brown blanket/throw laying on the bed. It's not known if that blanket belonged to Caylee, or just to the Anthony family.

It has been reported that George had consumed eight bottles of beer and had took some prescription medication. The Anthony's attorney, Brad Conway, stated that if Law Enforcement had not found George, he felt that George would not still be with us.

Cindy stated that she asked George on Wednesday to pick out some jewelry for Caylee. She thinks this could have sent him over the edge.

George was took to a hospital in Daytona, under the Baker Act, and will remain in state custody for 72 hours, or longer if needed be.

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