Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone Broke Into My Classroom

The past Friday, at around 7 pm someone was in my classroom. We had left for a three-day weekend and I was pretty excited about leaving and honestly gave little thought to school while I was out. When we came back to school I was honestly very busy getting things set up for the Inauguration. I had to go to the library, get a tv, set it up, and then monitor the kids. I mostly concentrated on making sure that there was a meaningful learning process going on and monitoring behavior. What else is new.

I had little time to sit at my desk and really look through my drawers or anything. Today was another very hectic day. I was running around helping the kids with their projects or with difficulties they were having with assignments.

Then at the end of the day one of the custodians stopped me to tell me that we had to talk. He asked me if I had kept a kid in my class Friday night. What kind of questions is that. It creeped me out it was so unseemly. Keep a kid in my class? "What time are you talking about? " I asked I mean did some kid stop by my class after school looking for me and maybe wait? I instantly felt guilty.

This was not the case. Turns out the custodian found a boy in my classroom at 7PM using one of the computers. He had unlocked my window so he could escape if anyone came by I guess he wasn't fast enough. They were able to id him using the camera outside of my room.

Since I just found this out, I actually began pulling out the drawers on my desk. That's when I realized that a small wooden box in my desk that I kept $10 in as well as my brother's rosary beads was missing. These were rosary beads that my brother, who is deceased left me. They can never be replaced. Some coins were missing. I just wanted to cry. I'm serious, isn't it bad enough that I'm losing my FREAKING home? We've already had our old home broken into several times and now this. I just want to scream.

I have to go down to Mr. Johnson's office tommorrow to tell him what I'm missing. I brought my radio home today.

When Darryl got home he asked me what EPI stood for. I have no earthly clue. Why I asked. Turns out when he and Dave were over at the Cartersville house UPS stopped by but they didn't hear the truck. Darryl thinks it's something to do with Eprize. I told him I doubted it. Then Darryl said, "Maybe it's an affy." Yeah maybe. I wish though. Darryl told me he'd run up to the UPS office around 7 pm to pick up whatever it is. He just left so maybe by the time I'm finished typing this entry I'll find out if the thing was even for me. It simply said Copeland and we couldn't pick it up until the truck got back to the central shipping area in Acworth at 7 PM.

I entered some more blog contests and here they are:

Prizes (5): Uncle Milton's Pet Eye View camera.

Prize: Digital Foci digital key chain.

Prizes (3): Chex Mix Bars basket with Chex Mix Bars, chocolate candles, caramel lotion, loofah, hand massager, nail brush and spa towel

Prize: Johnson's Baby gift basket

Prize: GiftTree Sweetheart Tower filled with sweets and cookies

Oh Darryl has just arrived home and what did I win? I have been selected as a potential Grand prize Winner in the Kellogg's Publix UGA Sweepstakes. I get to bring a guest to the University of georgia Head Football coach Mark richt in Atlanta, GA when the season ends and the prize includes food and non-alcholic beverages.

I have to fill out the forms and send them right out.

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silverhartgirl said...

I am so sorry for all that is happening to n you right now.